vatican2What is the NACC?


It is a nationwide group of Catholic Clubs formed for the mutual benefit of the Clubs and the continued progression of the Catholic faith.
It gives you the chance to meet with other Clubs and allows other Associated Club Members the opportunity to visit your Club through their NACC Affiliation.

What can we get from the NACC?

•Legal and financial assistance from qualified solicitors and accountants
•Updates and information on changes in legislation regarding Tax, Gaming Laws, Licensing Laws, and Employment Laws plus others.
•The chance to visit different Clubs.
•Opportunity to compete in a National Games competition.
•Affiliation to all other Clubs in the Association.

How often does it meet?
•About three times a year, at different venues throughout the Country.

What does it cost?
•The annual subscription is £20, which needs to be paid at the March meeting.

What do I do next?
•Contact any of the officials for further information